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Pick your force and face off against your opponent! Real-time tactics for Dawn of War II and Chaos Rising.

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Tactical Insertion reintroduces Ground Control to modern PC gaming. It has arrived on ModDB with release 0.3, which includes a brand new stealth system, new menu music, the reintroduction of super heavy infantry, an extra half a map, and a custom Chaos Razorback vehicle.

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  • No economy! You buy and upgrade your troops at the start of each round from a fixed pool of Requisition. There are no Tier or Power requirements.
  • No fluff! RPG elements have been removed, and where possible abilities have been either made ambient (Fleet of Foot) or removed entirely (Kraken Ammo).
  • Fast, focused action! Maps are smaller and weapons deal more damage, but with only half their normal range.
Sandblast Chaos Razorback Warp Spiders Thunderhawk Down
smokeythebear - - 117 comments

So it's like you made a more shallow version of DoWII...

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Varsity Author
Varsity - - 1,044 comments

No - I made a narrower one. The changes are all focused on giving player decisions more meaning.

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MutantBadger - - 25 comments

No, he made it the way it was originally made. The way it was before DoWII.

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OhNoesBunnies! - - 1,210 comments

It was Dawn of War before it was Dawn of War II, making "Dawn of War II" Smaller isn't anything like Dawn of War. :P

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purplepinkflame - - 617 comments

I like the idea of a set resource pool at the start of every level.

Reminds me a bit of a CoH mod.

War Over Europe or something where you fight with a company of soldiers that you buy ahead of time from a website?

It was pretty fun except that CoH wasn't as balanced/stable fight as DoWII

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Dr.Nick - - 53 comments

Your talking about Europe in Ruins and Operation Market Garden, both of which are far better balance than vcoh.

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Dr.Nick - - 53 comments

Good job on the mod though guys, haven't looked at the details but the work itself is impressive.

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