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Let's congratulate ourselves! Using web site now it's possible actually to create your own account and schedule for the game party. Thus, it's allow you to gather a group of people (4 persons minimum) and get real game party from the scratch.

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Web site is available here:

This is technical web site, don't expect fancy graphics there :) But it has very essential functions, which will allow you to generate your own parties and play them.
The steps to start your own party:
1. Register your account (very lightweight registration without email confirmation)
2. Queue for the party. Temporary, race params are auto-generated.
3. If four or more persons queued, party will get scheduled for start after 3 days. During this time it's still possible to join party for another players - invite your friends!
4. After 3 days party will start. You need to download and run client, enter your login info and there you will see and will be able to load & play your game party.

Good luck!

If you want just try the game - then simply download client, login as test/test (already embedded in the client's login fields) account and see already running parties, which in the same way you may control, with the only difference that those games "already were being played by someone". :)

Client and feedback will still be available on this great website:
Client for downloading is available here:


Give it a try!

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