Post news RSS TA: Kingdoms - The New Era has reached a new milestone with its Version 5.9 release

This project aims to expand, enliven and embolden the experience of the gamer and includes a multitude of new features and fixes.

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The New Era Knight19

The image depicts the internal conflict that will take place in The New Era expansion.


New Era is a mod that adds new units, gameplay, maps, and the same bug fixes from Tak Enhanced, plus other unit enhancements, and anti cheats against speed and unit hacking. (Stay tune for v6.0)


1. Get Enhanced Launcher - Includes 300K pathfinding.

2. Get A or B. Place all folders in the Kingdoms directory.

A) 5.9 (plays The New Era music)
5.9 + AI 2.0 + Map Pack 2.0 + New Era music

B) 5.9 (plays TAK music)
5.9 + AI 2.0 + Map Pack 2.0

3. Place New Era preset for v5.9 under TAKEnhanced > Presets.

*DO NOT add any other files to prevent bugs/crashes.

The New Era TAK-Enhanced-Launcher


Click here to visit The New Era Youtube channel!

What to expect:

1. Improved Pathfinding. Your units or the AI's will no longer get stuck, even with lag.

2. No more bugs in units' spells - air, water or ground.

3. Reorganized units' spells to avoid friendly fire.

4. Improved AIs in all races, focused on gathering resources and building larger armies.

5. Air traffic is no longer an issue. Flying units will no longer fly away.

6. Water units will take damage from archers in ground.

7. Ground units have better mobility around other units and structures.

8. Faster gameplay - increments in animation and speed.

9. Rebalanced monarchs, no longer hesitate, and have veteran transformations.

10. All ground and larger flying units have corpses/debrises, frozen and stone models.

11. Each faction has its own distinct resource system. Aramon religious sisters and gold,
Creon scientists and oil, Taros prisoners and spirits, Veruna fishermen and tides, Zhon deer and fish.

12. All five factions have shipyards, four structure and four unit builders.

13. Mana stones can be built on water, where sacred stones are provided.

14. Map pack 2.0 including all 78 terrains from the demo and both campaigns.

15. Four music themes per race, plus a new intro theme.

16. Buildtree posters for all five factions. Garacaius is now the monarch of Creon.

17. Limited units now show the limited number on their portraits.

18. Creon terrains such as volcanoes' will no longer crash cartographer.

19. The "Bong" sound has been replaced with good old silent.

20. Cloaking units will no longer use mana while standing by.

21. Melee units will ignore gates, so they focus on fighting other units (can manually be targeted).

22. Gods have 100% chance of appearing between 25-30 mins during online gaming.

Thanks to:
AMP, Arthan, Boneman Jones, DeeKay, Double, Hawk, Kronos, Lord Chris, Oxander, Rachy, Spag, Wqaopl and the entire TAK Community for the contribution to this project.

Unit Contributors:
Arven, Azaremoth, Frank F. Collins, Red Warlord, Timothy Call, Vaerun, Warped Mind.

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Good to see.

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Good to see you here!

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