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Get System Recovery with 7 other games dirt cheap in the Groupees Greenlight bundle during the next two weeks for a minimum price of 1$!

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For the next two weeks, System Recovery will be available for a minimum price of $1 if you get two games from the bundle, up to 4$ if you wish to get them all.

Check out the Groupees "Build a Greenlight 28" bundle here:

Each purchase of System Recovery comes with an Itch key and if we get greenlit, a Steam key aswell!

Check out our most recent trailer if you haven't already

The walls ingame have been redesigned since the trailer was recorded:

New wall design

Version 0.77c had just hit the shelves on and the bundle.

Some of the changes include minor optimizations and bugfixes, some general polishing and the career mode had seen a bit of balancing. The boss now has a proper healthbar and is slightly less deadly (but still challenging), as the majority of weapons have been buffed to help you deal with it.

Upcoming things to look out for:

  • The major focus for the near future will be producing content. I'd like to be adding some story missions firsthand, but I'll be eyeing up more weapons, enemies, DDOS levels and an overhaul of the career progression system. It will be similar, but hopefully even more enjoyable.

  • I've been "drawing the outlines" of an ingame level editor which will likely take a while, but is intended to make user content creation much more accessible than it is currently. Long road ahead of us, but it will be worth it I feel.

  • Multiplayer has some bugs left to fix before becoming playable, though adding each gamemode will take extra time beyond that. Deathmatch is the most complete one at the moment. A server browser is very much possible to make it into the game eventually.

  • There are some minor memory related issues I'm intending to fix very soon. If you find the game becoming jittery after hours of playing, try restarting it! Sorry for any inconvenience.

    Though I have my work cut out for me due to a recent stream coverage which brought up many things to tweak and fix, I'd love to know how you feel about System Recovery!

Try the most recent DEMO version
System Recovery beta demo v0.76b


I'm very eager to hear your thoughts and suggestions about the game!

Hit us up on our Subreddit if you'd like to get involved with the community:


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