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S.U.R.V.I.V.O.R Its a game about True Survival and finally its time for us to show it to the masses

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Hello and welcome to the first Survivor Entry My Name is Alvaro De Abreu Rising Soul Games Main Leader and i will show you whats Survivor All about.. Before Proceding i would like to tell that English is not my first lenguage so there are a few grammar mistakes

Survivor its Rising Soul Games first and most ambitious project And finally it is the time to show it to the public

Survivor is your typical survival game but with a twist
At its own core survivor its Survival
Eat, Sleep , and drink Then theres a mix

  • RPG Elements

As you use your skills (Wood Cutting,Cooking,Fishing etc) You gain XP And with enough xp you Level up and can spent a skill points to either upgrade one of your abilities or unlock a new one

  • Melee Fighting

Since we wanted to add our own touch to the fighting we are developing our own Melee Fighting System to be the smooth and fastest possile
Evade,Roll ,Attack or even craft a bow and use it as a ranged weapon is one of the things you will see on the Combat in survivor

  • Build your own fortress / Home

The player can even build his own fortress Just using the resources he finds arround the island of course the better is the house / object the more resources and Skill level he will need

  • Full Character Customisation

the player can Fully customise his character from hair type to eyes color and so on
He can also choose a
job or "Profession" for this character in wich he will have higher level Skills and will be easier to develope in the skill tree

  • Coop Survival

Another good feature of survivor is that it has a built in Coop mode You can join to another player match or host your own and Share Items,Resources but first of all... Survive

Thats all For now Remember to track the game to have access to the latest news & content of S.U.R.V.I.V.O.R!
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When will it be released?

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