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Today we talk about the game environment and how you can use items found around you to survive!

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Hello everybody! Last week’s developer’s blog was about Beyond Equilibrium’s stealth options and how you can use them to sneak through levels without causing too much trouble. This week’s developer’s blog is all about the interactive environment: how you can use the tools at your disposal to make quick work of a mission or get past a troublesome area.

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Beyond Equilibrium is planning to include tons of available objects and items for players to pick up and use. More specifically, the player will be able to pick up and throw objects as a distraction. If you have ever played the game Amnesia: the Dark Descent by Frictional Games, you already know what I’m talking about. For those of you who have not, you could pick up rocks and boxes and throw them in a specific direction, causing a whole lot of noise, and drawing the monster away so you could avoid being detected.

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The system in Beyond Equilibrium will work roughly the same way; players can only hold one object to throw, and it creates a loud noise, whether it is a glass bottle, or a can, or a piece of metal. If an enemy (or enemies) is standing in the way of where you need to go, this is a great way to help get past them.

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The environment will also be filled with hacking potential. The security card gadget is used to hack into certain devices, such as locked doors, droids, and other things like this. If you are faced with some challenging enemies, with no way around them and no ammo to use, hack something in your environment to help you out. For example, you could hack a service droid to fight for you or stand as a distraction so you can sneak out; or hack a camera to set off an alarm, covering your escape.

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The environment is filled with hazards, though; be careful not to step into any puddles of oil or crunching through glass, as that creates noise and may attract enemies to you.

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~Jacob Giambalvo, PR Manager

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