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An introduction to the Survive & Seek game and its creator.

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Hi, I'm Jaime and I'm the only man working on Survive & Seek which I am planning to release sometime this year on Steam.

Screenshot of terrain

About Me

I am an 18 year old student from the UK who is currently doing an A level in Computer Science and in two other subjects and I am going to University to do software engineering.

I have been creating video games since I was 15 when I started to use Unity for android games. I have since then got very confident in using Unity and recently I have got into a position when I can undertake such a project like this.

Screenshot of terrain

About the Project

Survive & Seek is a multiplayer game which is due to release on Steam sometime this year. It would also be funded on Kickstarter when I get to a stage when I need funding but at this stage i'm happy working with no costs involved at the moment.

I will post regularly when more elements of the game are created and any changes I make you will be notified in these articles.

Screenshot of Terrain

About Survive & Seek

Survive & Seek is based on a sandy island in middle of nowhere with tropical palm trees, grass and everything you would want on your relaxing holiday. However you are stranded and not alone, there are other people fighting to survive and there are only enough resources for one of you. The aim is to claim your resources but you must keep your resources on your side of the beach to build the boat and escape the island.

I have already created the island terrain and populated it with nature 3D models to make it look like a paradise. However, the resources and its logic still need to be added to the terrain. I am currently working on the players 3D model which has basic animations and will either be first person or third person depending on which suits the game best.

Screenshot of terrain

To-do List

At the end of each development article I will post a small to-do list of the next few steps. I think this will allow you to see my aims and if any of you amazing people have suggestions you can email me (email is at the bottom of this post).


Get the players 3D animations working

Setup a third person camera or first person camera

Set Key and Mouse controls on the player

Add some resources to the island (food, wood, etc)

...The above I believe are the next steps of development which I will cover in future articles

Screenshot of terrain

I hope you follow this project and like the sound of it. All the images in this article are screenshots of the game so far. Any queries, suggestions or even a feature on a youtube channel, etc please email me at:

Screenshot of terrain

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