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It takes a bit, but i finally managed to put together something for this lil' oldie.

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So yeah, Survive in Catacombs, kinda of an odd mod to make a HD pack out of, don't ya think?

One of the other zombie based mod besides They Hunger to be released for Half-Life that's based on the nineties.

While the map design leaves one feeling a bit off since they look kind of shit (The larger parts anyway.), the other bunch of stuff implemented in this mod was actually pretty cool.

New explosion effects, altered weapons code, and plenty of zombie models to choose from.

I figured "why not?" and give this one a bit of a shoe shine to make it sparkle a bit.

While i cannot translate the voices since ol' Translator doesn't really read Czech, i did managed to translate most of the text based stuff in this one, with some additions because once again "why not?", hopefully that'll clear things up and add some strings to tie up the almost non-existent story.

So yeah, i hope you all can enjoy this little mod i put together from, and once again, many plentiful thanks to the guys who made the content that is put together here.


Had never played the classic releases. Definitely going to give this a try :)
Thanks for this. Are you planning on doing #2?

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Good game:)Expecting the end of the story.

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ZikShadow Author

Yes, it's already about 20%.

While SiC2 uses a lot of stuff from SiC1, there are still a lot to alter.

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