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You can now do a survey about what you want added or removed on the mod

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The Survey allows you to vote for some of the unit and civilization changes made in Rise of Minor Empires Mod. Please play at least few games of Rise of Minor Empires Mod before voting, you can download testing here: Don't forget to press "Continue" at the end to send your votes.

Any feedback, suggestions, comments, etc. are welcome.

Thank You :D


Hi. I want to give some critics about the DEATHMATCH mode.

Mauryan (without ship [no water map])
Overall, this civilization is too similar to Persian. The Priest, Armored Elephant, Cataphract and the Tower. And there are some unused buildings. This civilization use 6 Stables and 4 temples. I recommend to change it to 5 Stables and 2 Temples, since it's does not use much priest.

Mauryan (with ship [water map])
The heavy camel rider is good, but somehow underpowered.

Very underpowered
I suggest you to give some power addition to the ballista, it's a bit useless.
It use 4 Siege Workshop, 4 Archery Range, and 1 Unused academy.
I suggest you to remove the academy.

Too similar to Roman, except the tower.
I suggest you to reduce the number of Siege Workshop from 5 to 3/4.

I suggest you to reduce the number of Stable from 5 to 3 and the academy from 6 to 4/5

That's all, Thank you btw for a good Mod.

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