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Back again from Paris with some news and a small surprise

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Okey first some bad news: After i came back to my home i read my emails. And i read some very sad things...i will make it short: I'm alone with my mod. My Coder has left, the second modeller left the team and the skinner left. They all noticed that it is word to mod a game. I dont know why before they started to help to think about helping. So I need a coder and a skinner.

now the good news: Did you ever watched Starship Troopers? When yes, im sure you have seen the ship of the Mobile Infantry there. This ships inspirated me. So I will add some Ships that look like the Starship trooers ships.

And yet the Small suprise and the greatest news: after a long time of development and that i now mod alone again. a small Alpha will be ready soon.

What will I do when the mod will die cause everything will go wrong? At first i will make a break and after this I will think about my Plan B. I hope i dont have to make this but when all goes wrong i wil try to make a mod for FoC. This mod will be easyer but not so good as i want i think: Make a Realism Mod.

So with the new Pictures Update i will show some concepts of the new ships and so on.


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