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Supraland is an upcoming first-person Metroidvania. A mix between Zelda, Mario, Portal and Metroid. Get to play the demo now!

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In Supraland you solve puzzles, explore and find secrets, fight monster, get powerful upgrades and more.
In the demo you can play the first 2-4 hours of gameplay (which is about 20-30% of the final game).
Get the free demo for one more week until the game goes into early access:

The design Philosophies are:
- The player is intelligent and autonomous! We're not telling the player where to go.

- No cutscenes: 100% first person gameplay

- To me Metroidvanias are about these moments when you get a new ability and can finally reach places that you couldn’t reach before and you were wondering how to get there all the time.

- All skills and items you get are able to be used in many different ways, so you have to rethink every item and skill all the time and even recombine them

- Make finding non mandatory secrets very rewarding and meaningful (instead of giving you +1% damage or 3 more missiles, that you just shrug off)

- Gameplay first: The gameplay dictates the setting and story, not the other way around.

- Visual clarity: I don't like having a million objects everywhere to make it look super detailed, because in the end it's just unusable clutter that visually distracts. I want to have everything on the screen matter and have a purpose.

- Small, intimate open world - because big open worlds are annoying (you still don't know your way around after 50 hours and they are just filled with meaninglessness or the same things over and over again)

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