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Checkout what will be the support ship in Stellar Impact!

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The support ship is capable of building in a few moments an impregnable fortified position to support its allies. It is a destroyer class ship. Its role is to support its team strengthening the map control.

Here is a preview of the support ship skills:


1) Repair outpost: The vessel creates a repair outpost capable of repairing allied ships.

2) Stealth Beacon: The vessel builds a beacon creating a stealth zone for the near allies.

3) Defense turret: The vessel can build up to 3 defense turrets. If turrets are built in the area of effect of a repair outpost or/and a stealth beacon, they benefit from their effects.

4) Tactical mines: The vessel is capable of putting furtive mines imposing heavy damage to the opponent’s ship.


Here are 2 images of the new ship:

I take advantage of this news to give you the release order of the classes, it is necessary to know that every class tonnage will have its alternative class.

- Support ship: Fortified the map control. Destroyer tonnage.
- Carrier: A ship transporting fighters, bombers and the other assault ships. Dreadnought tonnage.
- Artillery ship: A ship equipped with a heavy artillery cannon, specialized in long range fire support. Cruiser tonnage
- Spy ship: A prototype using advanced technologies to deceive the enemy by emitting ghost ship images. Corvette tonnage.
- Phase ship: A ship capable of drilling the reality to have a walk in a parallel dimension, the submarine of space. frigate tonnage.

We are going to make our possible to release a ship monthly.

Good game and have fun!


Will there be stricter restrictions about what ship can choose what skill? Itm every ships seems to be able to pick at least 1 of each skills, making hard classes obsolet, so will there be Carryer classes, only having abilities related to carryiers, for a dreadnaught?

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