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Well it's been a while since the last post so here's an update. We have been featured on EFReview and I have thought about making a trailer.

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I am very happy to tell you that we have been featured on Elite Force Review, which is the EF community's news program. It is run by the head of effiles, Luke Sutton, along with John Fisher and Richard Evans.
Here is the link to the episode:

Levels 4 and 5 are coming along slowly but very well. Level 3 is finished but we are not releasing it yet.
One of the levels will take you underground. Who knows what you're gonna find down there?
I might make a trailer soon.

Beta Testers Needed
Chriss has pointed out that we need Beta Testers for Levels 1-4.
You can sign up by emailing me at:
Please note that by asking to beta test you accept the following rules:
1. You must not ask for your own pleasure (exclusive access to the mod)
2. You must not leak the files to anyone else.
3. You must report back and give regular feedback.

So what are you waiting for? Ask for beta test and if you haven't already, download the 2-level preview!

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