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I´ve added lots of new features and stuff ! Not much more work is left on the engine and hopefully I can start with the level editing soon :)

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I've added lots of new features.
New hero units:

New Powers:
-Airship strike
-Summon Piranha plant
-Summon Lakitu, will guard a territory and throw spinies at the enemies.
-Summon Rocky Wrenches, will repair your buildings.
-Retreat!, a power that makes your unit flee home in terror.

Currently I'm finished the buildings, making so that they can be destroyed and sold. The game is slowly coming together :D.

I've put up some screenshots so you can see what I have done so far. for more info and please let me know if you want to try out the beta version.


This is very amusing to me, good job. I'm surprised you were able to do this in Multimedia Fusion.

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ortmon Author

Thank you :)
I'm very satisfied with the game so far !

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Great idea. I'm surprised no one has tried to make an RTS with the charming characters from the Mario series before. Bit of a shame we can't play as the Mushroom Kingdom though.

Still, impressive use of Multimedia Fusion!

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