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Super Distro has gone through some MAJOR changes! A LOT is changing; It's becoming a whole new game!

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Hello everyone and welcome to the NEW 'n IMPROVED Super Distro (And our fancy new page!) I hope you're all excited for the new Super Distro as much as we are! If you're looking for all the information to do with Kitatus Studios and Super Distro, then you've come to the right place!

This will be the hub for all the new info and previews of Super Distro up until launch! Stay tuned for an EXCLUSIVE look at some of the cool moves you'll be able to pull off as Distro when the game launches in early 2015!


Super Distro has changed a lot and some of you might not be happy with this; I completely understand. A few people will demand an explanation, so here it is: When originally developing Distro Horizons, we were one of the first N64-Throwbacks in the Indie Scene; The idea was hardly touched on and felt like it would be a great game to make.

However, early November the development PC broke down, possibly due to a power surge and we lost all the files of Super Distro. Instead of cancelling the project, we've decided to completely redesign the project and start again. So technically Distro Horizons WAS cancelled, but we wanted to make sure everyone wasn't let down and we decided to evolve the idea, which meant a radical change as since conception, hundreds if not thousands of N64-Style games have hit the Indie game scene.

I'm not saying we inspired the massive influx of N64-Style games, but we sure inspired some of them! Which I am totally happy about - It's great to see people inspired by other people's work and evolving their ideas into something new and unique.I even had the chance to try some of these games and I have to say that they beat us out of the water - Some of these N64-Style games are absolutely fantastic and I can only dream of being better than them!

So we decided to go back to the drawing board completely and re-design Super Distro from the ground up.We've designed it into a totally new game that we believe nobody has even attempted before; Not to be different from anyone but to make sure gamer's have the most enjoyable experience when playing Super Distro.

I understand that for a few of you that this doesn't sit well with you and in some cases you'll be wanting a refund. Being a super-small indie development team, the money of the pre-orders and IndieGoGo supporters to date has gone on total development of the game, but we will happy to offer a refund to people who no longer believe in our dream of vision.

As we're a tiny group of Indie developers though, I must stress that you won't recieve your refund instantly, It WILL take a while as we have to raise the funds to offer the refund. To apply for a refund:Name, Original Payment Method, Receipt of Purchase (Dated before October 2014) and a contact email / postal address.

Due to possible fraudulent activities we may contact you for additional information to make sure that the refunds are going to the right place. Email us: with the Subject: Distro Horizons Refund

I can't tell you how long it will take, but we will constantly be keeping you in the loop. I hope that people believe in the new Super Distro vision as much as we do and will continue to support us through this new version of Super Distro.

All the original release platforms are still planned! It's only the game that's changed, all the plans remain in place.

Thanks for sticking by us due this awkward time and I hope you're looking forward to Super Distro as much as we are!
- Ryan S, Project Lead


Thanks for sharing, glad to see the project is still alive. Good luck!

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Thanks :D

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