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Preview our custom made level editor completely coded in LUA with the Corona SDK for mobile devices. You can actually create levels right there on your phone!

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Super Bit Adventure
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Level Editor

So for anyone who is familiar with the Corona SDK engine you already know that the engine runs on the LUA programming language. This language is very easy to use and powerful for those who are knowledgeable in the art of programming. For those who aren't however, we were running into issues with level design with non-programmers. Creating these levels completely from code became too much of a burden for a single programmer. We decided that we needed to change something... thus the level editor was born.


We came together and everyone gave their input on what we would like to see in a level editor. We took many similarities from other tile based engines like RPG Maker for example and decided to merge and add things that would be useful for us. Within days we had a working prototype and it wasn't much longer until we had a working editor that anyone was able to use to quickly create tile based levels.


There are 3 layers to place sprites on. The first layer is the floor where the character will walk on. The 2nd layer will work for walls and for our future games, layer 3 will be used for certain decor among the walls. There's also a physics layer that we can fill in on the walls so the player doesn't accidentally walk off the map into the dark abyss. We can also add in random loot chests and grass that players can interact with among the levels. For our future games, we've added in many additional features as well but won't be using them with Super Bit Adventure since we are aiming to keep this one nice and simple.


Some other neat features of the editor are things like zooming in and out for when you want more accurate precision, grid snapping for when you want to move tiles in and out of the grid The copy feature allows you to switch back and forth between different tiles with ease. There's a button on the bottom left that allows you to quickly jump into your level to test everything out while you create it as well. The best part of the whole thing, is that you can actually create levels right there on your phone so you don't have to sit behind a computer screen to work.


This editor gave us a great idea to possibly include with Super Bit Adventure. If we included the editor with the game it would allow players to theoretically create their own dungeon levels to share among their friends. It would be quite the programming task and we aren't sure just yet if we have the resources to complete this kind of feature. So we wouldn't mind hearing from some of the community on whether you would be interested in a mobile RPG that allows you to create and share your own dungeon levels. We'd love to hear from you!

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