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The aliens are here! They arrived from space, and want to destroy humanity. You are the chosen one to save us, so pilot your ship and destroy all of then!

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The game mechanics are simple, the aliens at the top, your ship at the bottom, the key is to destroy them all by shooting them and hiding behind the 4 "shields" in the scene, as we can see in the image below:

Enemies at the top, ship at the bottm

There are three types of enemies, and each one has its own behaviour.

When an enemie dies, there's a chance to drop an extra life. You can get it before it goes.

But that's not all! From time to time, you will be involved in a battle with a final boss. I'm currently working on them, but I have a gif for you. :)

The boss

Some of the bosses evolves during the battle, so you have to study their behaviour before doing any crazy attack!

The boss evolves

Each boss has its own behaviour too, so I'm making them as different to each other as possible.

The objective of the game is to survive as many waves(levels) as possible.

Boss twist

Thanks for reading!! :)

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