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What's New: New Hero: Shozen, the Wanderer; Manessa nerf - key cards in certain Manessa builds have been changed to encourage a greater diversity of strategies; Gameplay Revisions - changes to leveling and matchmaking, so new bosses get raided sooner and hopefully matches that are more fair; DLC Starter Pack added to Steam Store Page; More card art; and Bug fixes and card balance changes.

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Gameplay Revisions

We have made some changes to matchmaking. The amount you raid now has a smaller influence on how often you are raided back. This should increase the number of players who receive raids overall. There have been a number of balance changes and bug fixes.

  • Compressed Level progression to only 5 levels, requiring half as much experience earned as the 15 levels required previously
  • Matchmaking now limits maximum weighting of raid credits to increase distribution and frequency of raids
  • Matchmaking now uses a single rating rather than separate ratings for Offense and Defense to limit variance

New Wizardry Hero

Unlock the power of arcane treasures with a new Hero: Shozen, the Wanderer!

Shozen specializes in the use of equipment, including some he can equip to other Heroes. He also has cards that interact with Equipment in new ways. He comes with 10 Unlockable cards listed below.

Cards Unlocked for Shozen only

  • Elemental Repair (Common Utility Spell)
  • Spirit Artifact (Rare Healing Offhand)
  • Breath of Innervation (Rare Utility Spell)
  • Elemental Artifact (Epic Area Weapon)
  • Celestial Artifact (Legendary Minion Offhand)

Cards Unlocked by Shozen for Wizardry

  • Frostfire Staff (Common Staple Weapon)
  • Fire from Ashes (Common Utility Spell)
  • Ethereal Compass (Rare Utility Offhand)
  • Stormbringer (Epic Multi-Attack Weapon)
  • Draw Power (Epic Equipment-Enhanced Attack)

New Starter Pack

Starter Pack DLC was added to the Steam store. It's meant to be a good deal for new players who would like to help support Labyrinth development. It might even make sense for existing players. The Starter Pack includes Sarkhet, Siegebreaker, and 15 Card Packs for $19.99. If you have Sarkhet or Siegebreaker already, you will get the Gold equivalent. There is a launch discount of 10% right now too.

Core Set Changes

Card Replacement

  • Adolphus' Rare Perk Weapons Expert (+1 Attack for Securitrons, 3 stars) replaced by Security Detail (Securitrons have Provoke, 4 stars)

Card Revisions

  • Graven Curse and Death's Presence now add card to hand first time after triggered that hand size is below 7
  • Cards and other abilities that draw cards but are limited by hand size of 7 are now explicit in their text as to limitations
  • Essence Extractor is now 4 stars, but lose 1 Health per Amp gained
  • Healing Shadow is now 3 stars
  • Chain Reaction now just gives Amp regeneration
  • Shadow Meditation is now 4 Ticks
  • Adolphus and Manessa now run further away from enemies
  • Radaghar now has 40 Health
  • Annul now checks for Heroes in Windup before playing but costs 2 Ticks
  • Essence Shock is now 3 stars
  • Lifespeaker is now 3 stars, 7 Health
  • Warden of Time is now 3 stars
  • Conservation of Time now only gives 1 Tick discount to ally
  • Urath, Death's Harvester is now 18 Health
  • Freezing Blast text now clarifies that it applies Frozen and Boss won't play it on already Frozen targets
  • Magmanura now Activates Lava placement at end of turn
  • Rousing Strength now costs 3 Ticks
  • Merciless Pull now only adds 1 space per stack to Draw In
  • Revised text on Awakened Might to require damage to enemy
  • Standalone now costs 4 stars
  • Thundering Rage now has Blast 1 and increased by 1 each Tick during Channel instead of Blast 3
  • Shattering Impact now costs 2 Ticks
  • Raging Destroyer now has a different skin from Siegebreaker
  • Summon Shieldbearer now costs 3 ticks
  • Eerie Marauder is now 3 stars, 1 armor
  • Pale Rider is now speed 3, armor 2
  • Molten Heart text was revised and it now triggers at 30 lava
  • Eternal Watcher now costs 4 stars

Card Fixes

  • Balanced Attack and Moordiar's passive ability were not triggering Gravity Generator
  • Blade of the Immortal was being destroyed on Faith caster death
  • Hold the Tide was not triggering on 5 hits
  • Warriors Onslaught kicker was causing hangs with no enemies adjacent
  • Firebolt kicker was giving draw to target instead of self
  • Chilling Growl was fading on end of Windup for Heroes in Windup when it was played
  • Ruthless Subdual with Subdue was triggering as an Attack card instead of a Spell
  • Heart of Primeval was over-triggering on attacks with multiple actions , also text was fixed
  • Warden of Time passive was affecting Equipment use
  • Upgraded Charge wasn't increasing Dynomine damage
  • Elemental Infusion, Heartseeker, Hold the Tide, Talisman of Ikiki, Necromotivator, Shadow Meditation and Pray to the Void were exceeding hand size of 7
  • Staff of Destruction was not triggering equip abilities and perks

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