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We're not dead ! Some progress has been made with the coding, except more news next month.

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Through these tough times finally a small shimmer of light shines through the tough exterior which is the skin of Mario kart source.
The weapons system for MKS has had some drastic improvements thanks to Mecha the slag. Wind Helleven and OneEyed have been working on a particle system for a well needed boost to the special effects in the game. As always Milkydeathgrind is constantly adding to the library of sound effects and music for MKS. As it stands now we have an alpha build for our developers which is useful for testing out effects, sounds and gameplay, but don't expect a public beta build anytime in the near future.

We are working our tails off so please be patient and thank you for your continued support of Mario kart source.

TrashCan-Man23 - - 683 comments

Keep up the work guys. I don't care what you say, I hope to see a beta of this sometime in the future. Whether it be near or far, again still hope to see a beta.

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mescool - - 138 comments

I'm glad you guys got Mecha on your team. I've played several of his TF2 mods and I have to say he's a damn good coder.

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Luigisno1 - - 322 comments

You guys never got back to me on that gift I wanted to give you.

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RoboTyphoon - - 660 comments

Well, it's news.

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barronofhellion - - 294 comments

wow first good news i have heard all summer

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Coltina666 - - 18 comments

right on

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EclipseStardestroyer - - 1,716 comments

I just hope you come out with a Beta at all in the future!

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HaraldQuake - - 78 comments

I love your mod! Keep it up!

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Captain-Arse - - 467 comments

i woke up thinking what happened to you guys :) all the best to you. xD

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wheresmabalz - - 7 comments

Awesome keep up the great work guys!

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