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TL DR: Very few people to work on during summer. Frequency of updates to start around September.

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First of all, I would like to say thanks to everyone interested in 40 Stories. If you didn't know, we are a students in the Applied Computer Graphics department (and other departments) at Chico State University working on this game and plan on finished at the end of this year. Unfortunately, because of summer availability, communication, and other factors, we aren't doing much at the time being. We plan on releasing a more polished alpha demo sometime soon as well as some more videos and screenshots. I promise to post everything new and exciting we come up with as we make it. Until then, BULLETPOINTS!

Some Things We Are Planning
- 40 levels
- 5 unique level themes
- Challenge levels that keep your time and amount of clones you use
- Full (almost) voice acting
- Low system requirements (works on 8-year old video cards so far)

Fun Facts About Chico State's Applied Computer Graphics Department
- Nearly 200 students
- Students concentrate on game design, modeling, animation, and 2D art
- Using the Unreal Engine since 2005 (2.5, 3, and UDK)
- Create individual, small team, and large team games
- Frequently team up with the Computer Science and Recording Arts departments
- Have been using 8-year old computers until this upcoming semester

- ScottWashi

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