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Today's update will showcase Stromgarde Kingdom Tier 1 buildings.

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Kingdom of Stromgarde: our first human kingdom available in-game. Whatever subfaction you will choose, playing as Stromgarde Kingdom, starts off with the Bastion of Stromgarde.

Bastion of Stromgarde

This is the main building of Stromgarde Kingdom, serving as the core of the base, where you can train Peasants, research Tier upgrades, while also serving as Gold and Lumber drop-off building. As stated above, please note, that Bastion is the core starting building, meaning that you can have only ONE Bastion in-game. Hence, your Peasants won't be able to build more Bastions. In order to expand their dominion, instead, Kingdom of Stromgarde relies on Avanposts.


These are, basically, compact versions of Bastions, having same gameplay functions, but having a lot less Health and Armor. Building these near newly discovered Gold Mine, would ensure an economic advantage for the course of the battle.

The main military unit production building is Stromgarde Barracks. There, you have access to training Footmen, Crossbowmen and Banner Carriers.


However, in order for it to function, you have to build and place Farms in a very close proximity and use their Supply Building ability on Barracks or any other unit production structure.


Kingdom of Stromgarde has unique Farm Supplying mechanic, which powers their buildings in order for them to be functional. In order to train Footmen from Barracks, for instance, you have to build a single Farm in a close proximity to the Battacks. Then, you will have to use Farm ability "Supply Building" on Barracks to start supplying it and making it functional.

On a side note, as you can see, we have 2 model variants for the Farm. Constructing a Farm will randomly create one of the two variants, shown above.

And last, but not least, is the Siege Workshop building for Stromgarde Kingdom. This building serves as lumber drop-off structure. Placing them near dense tree formation, will ensure a fast and steady income of lumber gathering with Peasants. Also, serves as main Weapon and Armor upgrade hub. Ballistae can be built from Siege Workshop in later tiers of the game.

Siege Workshop

Please note, that Siege Workshop also requires at least a single Farm supplying it, in order for it to function.

And that's it for today's update. How you enjoyed the write up on Stromgarde Tier 1 Buildings.

Next up: Stromgarde Tier 1 Units.

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