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Learn about another aspect of Outland 17's gameplay, tactical cover, and how you can use it in conjunction with your squad's abilities to overrun your enemies!

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We're releasing one more update for the end here. This one is actually in response to rjmhart's comment, where he wanted to see more examples of gameplay and how strategy is incorporated across the map using cover.

This first GIF is from our trailer, depicting one of many scenes where we show off some of the gameplay action. The game is turn-based, giving you plenty of time to plan your attack with your squad, but actual turn-based action tends to make for a somewhat dry gameplay trailer. Each different battle we showed is a sort of "condensed" version to keep things rolling.

Below we'll show off some gameplay GIFs of one strategy on our Space Port level. We have here one squadmate made for melee combat and another that focuses on mid-range shooting.

Right off the bat, we use our melee guy's special ability to Sprint. This lets him move an extra tile forward in addition to his normal movement, and take advantage of that cover from the shipping crates to the left. This way, he's safe from any retaliation from the two enemies.

As we move him forward to his next turn, we've laid down suppressing fire to keep the enemy busy. Our mid-range guy, Leo, takes pot shots from his spot behind the cargo carrier to keep the enemies from escaping their imminent melee-based death.

The enemies still get their turn, so they lay a little into our melee guy, Tamar. It's not enough to save them though.

Tamar has a passive ability that gives him a guaranteed critical on the first attack against an individual enemy. So, let's finish them off!

This is just one example of using team abilities to move between cover and take out the enemy. There are many other abilities and weapons that you can use to customize your squad to get the most out of the turn-based action of your revolution.

There are also more types of cover that you can take advantage of depending on your map! In the Market Place, there are manholes in the street that can flip up to make for excellent impromptu barricades.

If you haven't already, make sure to sign up for our email list to keep up to date with the game's progress after the Square Enix Collective, as well as watch us on IndieDb. Thank you guys for all the great support we've had!


Looking good guys. Thanks for sharing!

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GrenadeTree Author

And thank YOU for the feedback on the Collective ;D

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