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Advanced physics or just some slightly odd Wolf3D mods? Guess what this one is about.

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What is weirdness? How do we define it and where do we lie on the scale ourselves? It's fairly obvious that in the context of the whole world, dealing with a 30 year old obsolete First Person Shooter in the first place is a weird addiction, reserved for only a bunch of nerds, lunatics and losers who have lost all touch with reality. And yet, within the Wolf community it's obviously par for the course, and we might even smirk and laugh at some foolish, uninitiated Doom players in between speedrunning our maze maps. But still, even within our community it's rather niche (that is, weird) to bother with porting hundreds of obscure mapsets made in the 90s for a dead system. And how weird do these mods themselves get? Well, actually we've already seen a few of the weirdest ones (remember Strangestein?) and some of the deceptively un-weird ones (we shall forever lament the fact that works bearing names like "Hitler's Website" or "Von Ribbentrop's Tea Party" are in fact mere mapsets). The following mods are not the weirdest out there, but they are at least named to imply so, which is why we're here... And really, this Weirdo guy is in fact rather weird. I'd steer clear of him.

Who's Weirdo, you may ask? A better question would be, Where's Weirdo? This 10-floor Third Encounter mod is a late offering of WolfAddict, but there's not a lot of info available about it. They simply tell you to reconsider whether or not you really want to meet the guy; to be honest, he looks a bit unstable. I didn't even get to know what the price was, as the WolfAddict catalogue I have did not include any ordering info, merely asking you to contact them if you're interested in buying anything. But before you buy it, you might want to try it, and that's where the demo comes in... Two demos, even, and they're both reproduced here (the so-called "W2 Demo" is meant to be the Second Encounter demo, but it's a Third Encounter scenario file; go figure). The demos have some small mapping and graphical differences between themselves, but ultimately both feature three maps along with a small number of new graphics, including one enemy (guess who). The full 10-level version has slightly different decorative sprites and introduces a rather convoluted system of secret exits between maps. On the other hand... there's no Weirdo, as the enemy sprites were deleted for some mind-boggling reason. Add to that the fact that level 1 is a tiny stub and another map is just an edit of a commercial floor (odd thing to have in a paid mod), and we have to conclude that while it still offers interesting mapping in some spots, all in all, Where's Weirdo? is a confusing release, and rather underwhelming considering that you had to pay for it. See for yourself, it's right here...

Nanook Ofdanort. Or not. But certainly someone at WolfAddict.

weirdo 2

weirdo 1

Download full version

Where's Weirdo?

Download demo

Where's Weirdo? Demo

Download "Second Encounter" demo

Where's Weirdo? W2 Demo

What's next? Well, in the words of an extremely overrated Polish singer: it's a Weird World. A seven-floor Weird World, although the exact number of maps depends on release, because what we have here is again a mod with three different variants available. There's the Third Encounter one called Weird World with seven maps, and there's two First Encounter ones: version 1.0 with only 4 levels and version 1.5 with 7 again, although in the end, they all seem to keep to First Encounter limitations, and any differences between the most recent variant and version 1.5 are exceedingly small. Mapping itself is surprisingly varied, differing greatly in size and style, and while some of it is standard fare, you'll also have to go through set pieces like a long passage full of dogs, a crossfire by dozens of bosses, or a pushwall-oriented floor. All in all, worth a go.

The mapsets were made by Sean Howard who did not provide them with any documentation, but in this case, I have decided to break away from the norm a little and include a Wolf3D mapping guide written by the author himself and posted on late in 1994. He explains some bugs that may occur in gameplay, gives hints regarding pushwalls and a few miscellaneous hints, while the remaining sections remain incomplete, but it's still a neat example of an early Mac Wolf mapping guide. Enjoy.

Sean Howard.

weirdworld 1

weirdworld 2

Download latest version

Weird World

Download version 1.0

Weird World 1.0

Download version 1.5

Weird World 1.5

And so we're left with - literally - some weird levels. Weird Levels is a compilation of four small First Encounter scenarios of unknown authorship. Called, respectively, Bothersome, Psycho, Shooting Range and Spiral, they add up to 8 (generally pretty tiny) maps. The weirdest thing about them is that you're liable to encounter a group of Hans clones about to rip your face off if you make even the slightest misstep. Basically, good luck and I hope you like the color blue.

I... know... not.

weirdlevels 1

weirdlevels 2

Weird Levels


lol is that Waldo?

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No, it's Weirdo

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