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A few people have been reporting strange bugs, and this has been concerning me.

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When I read through the comments and reviews on the mod I've seen a few people complaining about certain bugs appearing such as some notes not displaying any text whatsoever as well as mementos that should pop up evidently not popping up due to the confusion surrounding what to do, however it's becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of all the different bugs that are appearing, so I request something rather simple: If you encounter any bugs during playthrough I'd request that you put them as a comment under this news article so that I may address them in the patch and subsequently create a better experience for players.

I know that not everyone will see this or do this but even if just a few do it would help out enormously, especially since working on both Chapter One, the puzzles mod and this patch is becoming stressful and difficult.

Thank you for doing this, or at the very least reading it.

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Hello, I just played this game today and I must say the level design was FANTASTIC! I was rather disappointing at the end, but not because it was bad or too short, but because I was enjoying the game so much that I didn't want it to end. I mean seriously the level design was like no other, it was really a unique experience! I ran into one bug however that is quite the problem. After you get the lantern and enter the hallway that gets flooded and there's a water monster, I died my first time by him and when I came back I was stuck in the hallway before it got flooded with both doors locked. I restarted the game which wasn't much of a problem because I was only a few minutes into it. But other than that it was truly a great experience, I loved it. 9.5/10 buddy! Keep up the good work!


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Thanks! Really appreciate it.

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Well, let me copy-paste what I already posted in the forum, for this news sake:

I detected a flickering texture in
the cellar, in the room where you pick a chemical container and the stairs break:


In this same level, in a room with a severed arm, when I pick up the key hidden between some rocks and a chair, and the suitor kills me, when I respawn the key doesn't seem to be useful anymore: When I use it at the door, it disappears.

Besides from this, from what I have played, the story is a 9/10 and the mapping 10/10. I can't wait to play the rest of the story :)

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