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In this dev blog, we explore the rest of the enemies that will be featured in [stranded]. The bandits!

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In a lot of ways, bandits are a much more dangerous than any wildlife you'll find in [stranded].
They're smarter, are armed, and are usually found in fortified positions. Although they are challenging to face, they are also well supplied, thus rewarding players with medkits and ammo. Here's a breakdown of the types of enemies you'll face.

Bandits shoot almost anything that move. They're armed with SMGs, and mostly hangout in their own fortifications. They're not the brightest though, and will attack you or any enemies they find, even if it means they might be mowing down any allies they have nearby. It seems that these bandits have set up an entire fortress somewhere, the purpose of which is unknown.

The turrets are stationary death machines. They're accurate, and are mainly used by the bandits to keep any wildlife well away from their fortifications. Turrets are susceptible to smoke grenades, which block their vision, leaving them temporary vulnerable.

Light Drones are created by the Bandits to use as search-lights at night. The drones are not very clever, however, and will follow and humanoid nearby, including the player.

And that wraps up the enemy section of our blogs!
Next post we'll be talking about the different environments you'll be traversing over, crawling through, and dying in.

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