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Invasion is a total conversion for the tactical strategy game Nexus the Jupiter incident.

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Hi, this is the first update for the mod, i've just completed the first version of the background storyline, probably i will change something during
the development of the mod but i think that this could be a good starting point.

In 1897 an alien scout ship crash lands in Noerthumberland, Great Britain, the crew was killed in the incident and the ship took critical demage to the FTL
drive and to other major systems but english scientists begun to study the wreck, especially the rocket engines and the sensor system, the only things they were able to understand to a reasonable level.

They made important discoveries building new kinds of rockets and when in 1914 the First World War broke out the English Army found a... suitable use for this kind of devices. The Triple Alliance forces were unprepared to face this kind of weapons and when England gave this type of technology to her allies they faced the impossibility of continuing a war with such a technological disadvantage and they signed a cease-fire in the first months 1916.

The Great War ended and the Austro-German coalition obtained the ''blueprints'' of the alien ship in exchange of the promise of never starting an another world war.

In 1917 the Soviet Revolution changed the face of Russian Empire and in this year Robert Goddard, an American rocket scientist tired of being considered nothing more than a visionary arrived in England where he started working on a secret project about space exploration,
he developed a new generation of big rocket engines and he saw his dreams come true when in 1926 the first English rocket, the X-1, escaped from the Earth's orbit.Soon other nations began to develop their own engines and systems with different results.

In 1934 the United States developed a new kind of electronic calculator the ENIAC Mk 3, in Italy and Russia Guglielmo Marconi and Nikola Tesla
created their first working RADAR prototypes.

And so in 1936 the HMS Intrepid was the first standard ship to be reconverted from sea to space travel and soon ater in 1937
France launched the firdt components of an anothe technological marvel, a space station called ''Le Petit Sol''.

In 1938 Russians and Americans made their way through space and soon after in 1941 the first Italian spaceship left earth's orbit.

The Germans recovered their disadvantage thanks to the work of Wherner von Braun and in 1943 launched their first ship the
GES - Kaiser Wilhelm.1947 with the completation of the french space station the Earth's nations begun the contruction of a lunar minerary colony and expanded their fleets but the 1st February of 1949...


hehehe. you forgot to mention about the japmen are up to all this time! will there be a spaceship yamato. ;)

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