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A brief summary of the storyline for Charlies Adventures. A 3d Sidescroll Jump'n'Run for young and old.

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Charlies Adventures is going to be a 3D Sidescroll Jump'n'Run game. It is aimed for a younger audience, but even older people can have fun with that game.

Here are some thoughts for the storyline for Charlies Adventures, it is not worked out in detail yet, but I think you can get an idea :)

The Master of Charlie is a great magician.. While performing a show something strange happens... he is not able to pull his birds out of his hat. Charlie is his small but very capable friend! He gets the mission to jump into his hat and find the reason whats going wrong. Thats the point where charlies adventure starts! With the hat he is able to travel to different places and find his little bird friends and bring them back to his master! Maybe he will find the true reason why his small friends all dissapeared.

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