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In the beginning I want talk about story, because it is big part of the game.

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Year 3050

Ships of new enemy attacked planet and destroyed almost whole planet, before federation fleet destroyed them. Some people survived. Between them was a girl, Kes. Her parents die. She stay on planet, steal food. One man find her and help her. Because he know she has a adventurous character. They become traders nad space pirates. One day man was shot and she runaway and take his ship.

The second main protagonist and playable character is son of general or some else with high status. His father want for him to be ship commander, but he ended in a hangar and helping with repairing ships.

One day Kes is arrested and blackmailed by federation. She must do some jobs for them and her partner is Raldy. When doing some job they meet old friend. Man who saved Kes when she was young. They make a team and start some business. Travelling space and stealing space ships.

I already hate games when you saving the world. Mass Effect have lots of talking and I do not like it in this game type (open world).

(all names are temporary, maybe, I know that story is chliche and very inspired by top sci-fi films and games and I very inspired by GTA)

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