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Now I have sufficient done materials in my CS to show you an trailer, well, you saw first gameplay video, which was a little weird, 'cause there were a lot of strange gameplay elements, like climbing elements.

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Now, I'm ready to show you an trailer from my mod, in this trailer you will see first encounter, (grunt or remnant, 'cause my works on mummy aren't done yet), gameplay, ambience, music, - in one word, atmosphere of my game. Trailer is coming soon, get ready to meet him. You will see a pair of easy puzzles at the same begining of the game, Egyptian tunnels are rather cosy place, but it's not enough to explore them, you have to look for secret rooms, level doors, find some treasures, but, the main purpose is to find the exit.


Remnant? The one from The Great Work?

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CatalystMD Author

well, would be better if I use grunt, 'cause it's not good to "steal" from others. I will use grunt, then I will replace it with great mummy, grunt will be only in DEMO

PS: remnant from Great Work, I never encountered one in when I played Great Work, 'cause on a table was a key which faded away as I aproached, so I stuck and stopped from playing

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