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A quick showcase of the wepaons and bosses in Story of a Cube.

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Finally, more news about the development of Story of a Cube. A lot of things have changed, so let's get started!

All the Weapons!

It occurred to me that I probably haven't shown all the weapons yet, even though I finished working on them long ago. Let's take a quick look at them, shall we?

You will unlock more and more weapons as you go. Some weapons aren't really that useful, but are made for a specific purpose. For example, the explosive bullets are tricky to fire (you might accidentally kill yourself with them) but they are the only weapon capable of destroying armored turrets. Other weapons, like the shotgun, are difficult to use, but are really effective if the player learns how to use them.

All weapons at once!

How about firing them all at once?


Yeah, boss fights! The most awesome part of every level. Last time I posted here I didn't have a gif of the second boss (the wall of doom), but I do now, so here we go.

Wall of Doom!

Just a small part of the boss battle. It's actually much more epic than the gif shows.

Since then, I've also made a third chapter where the boss gameplay is more traditional twin stick shooting. This calls for another gif!

Third Boss

Not anywhere near done yet, but it's coming along nicely.

So that's it for the bosses and weapons. Make sure to track this game so you don't miss anything, and follow us on twitter for more news!


Holy. that final battle looks really good (and hard, which is good)

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