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Find out about the "GoFundMe" Campaign for the story mode, all details are included.

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Hello all you Un-Zeds out there,
I'm here to talk to you about a pressing matter, the story mode of the game. My team and I have come up with an entire 4 part story (done much like the walking dead video game with different episodes) but the problem we have run into is that we cannot afford to make a story mode, at this moment. So we started a "Go find me" Campaign. We need to make $2000 to make the story mode.

Why so much?

  1. ($1,500) The much needed upgrade to the unity engine [Indie Licence - Pro Licence!]
    Don't be confused this will benefit all aspects of the game play! KILLING TWO BIRDS WITH 1 STONE if you will!

2. $500 Just for any unexpected expenses. (IE Paying an animator for cut scenes)

So How can you help?
All you need to do is go to

We have even included a rewards program!

Also see the Story teaser trailer!

Thank you for your time!
Jake Lineberry (Project Director)
Four Horsemen productions

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