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Mushroomheads appear on the earth on purpose. Why? Learn from new article from Eon Break creators!

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The story of Eon Break takes place inside the huge science laboratory built on-board of the Angel – alien ship that fell long time ago in Bavarian Alps. Angel was discovered in 1934 by the group of scientists who investigated ancient legends. One of the legends tells a story about the God of Sun who fell from the sky and crashed the mountains.

When the group came to the place where “god” fell, they found strange object. It was so huge – at least 75 foot high and a whole mile length, covered with plants and strange violet mushrooms. When scientists came closer they realized that this is a colossal spaceship.

Top secret explorations were started on the ship. Discoveries that were made there exceeded all expectations. The ship possibly was a home of an alien race – race of inventors. And it seemed like one of their inventions destroyed them and killed everybody on the ship.

The most interesting discovery was made when scientists found the engines – Angel’s Wings.

Nikola Tesla was invited to lead the researche group. First results revealed that engines use violet substance as fuel. Six months later, two replicas of the engines were ready to be started. Nikola Tesla realized that they allow the ship to travel over any distance within a moment – in other words, teleport the whole ship through the Universe.

Wings use specific fuel – strange violet substance that behaves as a colony of mushrooms, —Āapturing and consuming everything beyond special fuel tanks.

Experiments were extremely successful, but one day changed everything. Fuel substance sprinkled on a worker who was nearby. In 3 hours he turned into the ugly creature and tried to open fuel storage and release mushroom spores.

Nikola Tesla, armed with the lightning gun, stopped the mutant and lock it in one of the laboratories.

After that point everything went wrong…

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