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Introduction to the backstory and main mechanics of the game.

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"Omegastate, Neo-America, New Babylon, Omnispace, Mega-Sprawl, Neon church,

The City, Ocean of light..."

The capital of the new world, its only city, fully artificial. Here the corporations are not limited by governments, superficial laws or by outside regulations. Amerac - The place of infinite possibilities, and infinite hazards.

Take control of Phoenix rebels locked in a mortal combat against 'The Family' megacorporation, and start the liberation of Amerac City. Your techwarriors will have an array of futuristic weapons, superhuman upgrades

and hi-tech equipment at their disposal. 'Neurotron' is an adrenaline-fueled, realtime action game with

fast-paced role-playing mechanics.

Explore the gritty world of the near future, as you unlock the Family's secrets, and search for the lost

data crystal, 'Neurotron'. Blood will be spilled as you fight for freedom, and many of you will not

make it through alive...

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