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I Navysealguy3 AKA Charles Sprague, will be working on finishing the written story, so that i can release it as an e-book or whatever you would like to call it.

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Hello and welcome back to the Northern Resistance news page.
thank you for staying subscribed and for reading news that gets posted here.

I have planned to do this for a while, but i recently finished my semester of school, so i have a month or so to work on something for the game. I figured that since my SDK still isnt working, and no one from valve tech support has gotten back with me to fix it, i might as well finish the story up and release it for the fans to read. The story that i have right now is mostly rough summary and ideas, more like a screen play. but i am going to begin refining it down to a story that is actually something you could sit down and read along with some music.

This will not only give me some notoriety id imagine, but maybe someone else will come along and take the story to create a game around it, who knows. Either way i have always said that the story was the most important part of this game, and im really excited to see what people think of it.

I'm estimating the story to be around 10- 11 chapters but im sure it will be more than that.
I want to get it finished before my next semester begins so there is no definite release date. I would want it ready by early 2014 though.

so stay tuned for any other information, and thanks for reading!

Charles T. Sprague
Conspiracy Dev Team


Good luck!

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