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First update. The progress on Vanguard mod, short but important news from the team.

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"Vanguard is a singleplayer and multiplayer modification for original Men of War series, set during World War 2 in a fictional war-torn European environments."

First News, and Progress on Vanguard
Finally the first official Moddb news from us (well, more like 'me'). For those that are interested, I've been quite busy working churning out contents in Photoshop for past weeks, putting countless of hours and efforts to create high quality art and so far the results are showing, which can be seen in the Media Gallery. You can also check out the outdated media from the the first month of production here to see how much Men of War: Vanguard has changed.

Simple and Short Media Release
Here are the two media for August. It's not much, but they're something to show that it's being worked on.

(W.I.P)Avant-Garde New Menu

For those that knew nothing about the early production of Vanguard, Avant-Garde originally began as my first map for Men of War, inspired by the "Saving Private Bryan" mission from the classic Sudden Strike game that I played many years ago. Infact, much of the mod concepts were inspired by Sudden Strike series, Blitzkrieg and World War III: Black Gold.

Despite the fact that the Avant-Garde map was completed a while back, I took another re-run with it and was dissatisfied and disappointed with the quality and lack of consistency in the map. In the end I decided to reconstruct the entire map again, making sure to avoid repeating the same problems this time.

The Team & Recruitment
I've been asked by several viewers about the team and who is working on it. Fallen Angels Entertainment Studio was established way back in January by me. However at the moment I'm currently the only one working on the mod.

Though, it would be nice to have a helping hand from another individual. Right now I'm looking for a dedicated, and talented music composer who would like to join the team to compose ambient music and soundtrack for the mod. I'm also looking for an additional 2D texture artist that can re-skin the models (mainly vehicles, weapons, and buildings) to give it a much more realistic appearance. Experience with 3DS Max and producing 3d assets is a plus. If you're interested, please contact me through studio email or private message, thanks!

Please be sure to provide a portfolio and show past work. If you have none your application for the position will be declined.

Vanguard is coming along well, and hopefully it can be released by second quarter of next year or so. The standards for Vanguard I've set is quite high, so that players and modders alike can enjoy the custom assets the team has created for everyone to play with.

Grab your gears and board the LCVP! We're storming the coastline!

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