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The Keruge have stolen the science of the factions! As a result, the factions have researched new sciences so they can defeat the onslaught of the Keruge!

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Added the following units to the faction:
Infected Command Center
Infected Dozer

The aliens have stolen the following sciences:

Paladin Tank
Stealth Bomber
Cash Bounty
Artillery Barrage

Chinese have researched new sciences since the aliens stole theirs:

Super Nuke
Red Guard rank 3
MiG Airstrike

USA has researched new sciences since the aliens stole some of theirs:

EMP Drops
Capitalism (Lets tanks and units get more firepower)
Armor upgrade for all tanks and planes

GLA has researched new sciences since the aliens stole some of theirs:

Poisoned Mine Field
Stronger missiles
Stronger Rebels
Please let me know if there are any balance issues! Thank you for your patience with this mod, it is coming together very well.


Wait wait wait, the aliens are gonna use Human weapons?

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HawkBlade124 Author

They took some of the human weapons, but not all. Trust me, there are going to be more alien weapons in the near future.

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