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An update on Stolen Mind progress and a demo possibly coming soon.

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Hello, once again it is me (Win_tosh) here with another article for you guys.

First off, I’d like to thank everyone watching the mod, your support isn’t ignored! Honestly it’s incredible to know that any amount of people care about me and the team's work and also, in the future most WIP content will most likely be uploaded to our youtube channel ( and our discord server (link on our moddb page).

Of course, we have new progress on a bunch of maps that will be shown below.


a 1 130040

a 1 130033

a 1 130024

a 1 170005

a 1 170002

a 1 30019

And as seen on both the videos section of the Stolen Mind moddb page and the youtube channel, I have made an inventory system for the mod. It’s pretty simple, basically you can only have one of these 4 categories I’ve made.

Pistols: The glock and the astra 860

Melee: Lead pipe and the Police baton

“Heavy” weapons: Ak4 and Remington

“Light” Weapons: Mp5k and Sniper rifle

So with this system, I believe that the game would be pretty balanced, like how you could switch out the less accurate glock for the lower capacity revolver and the high speed low damage lead pipe for the police baton which is slower but more powerful. Also in the game in a short segment there is a system where you have to use a gasmask, it’s basically just the Metro: Last light gas mask system but the filters just completely restart the amount of time you have instead of adding extra time.

Also, if anybody would be able to help us with some weapon animation for Stolen Mind and small modelling (props and maybe some sculped models (like humans and such)) stuff for other projects that would be very helpful! If you are able to help with these, please DM me on discord at Win_tosh#5739 with some examples of your work!

Somewhat soon, (around the 31st of october in australian time zones) hopefully we will have a demo for Stolen Mind! It will most likely just be the first chapter of the mod, which is short but we’d like to hear some feedback about it!

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