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FAT-SHIFT Is an argentinian mod created for Federico Gonzalez and MercySoft.Com,This mod talks about the charismatic and funny security guard Otis Laurey,TRaped in the BLACK-MESA Insident,He The And the other survivors have to escape from BLACK-MESA,New Enemys,New Allies,New Weapons and a new history...Are you ready for this mod??? --------------- This are some NEWS about my situation, Personal and the Mod Problems! 12/12/10 19:45.

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Hi everybody!
We had several problems, but I am trying to solve them.
We had a Codder and a Mapper but we dont khow what happend with him, this way that we are scanty of personnel T-T

We have 3 modelers and my good friend ,The point is one of my men called Ackar, Who had over 90000 problems with some users( I khow what happend), i dont care but he will not help us anymore, Because the thing what he do is...
(Argentinian Expreccion) "No tener codigos"...

Now im waiting for the help of FOXTROP, If he can Help us of course!
And Special thanks to "Diseable" For help us with the models of the guns ( specialy the model of the Glock 17 )
And the last thing of this news, is about a problems i have with some users...
Guys if you have a problem with my English,my Nation,my mod or my life style,I don care!
Of course that is very annoying, But as the normal person im,I will take it like a joke or a opinion...

Now special thanks to my friends,my family and the person who follow this mod!

-Federico Gonzalez (EdwardDewey123)

DickBalls - - 105 comments

yea! u tell em, dont let them get in ur way ;)

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deathparadeNL - - 2,061 comments

No tener codigos = ???

by the way good move i know his "work" it's all stolen or crappy reskins and i herd he tryed to make a mod and uploaded it multiple times on a website

and i dont know why he works with so many GOOD mods like cat-life i kinda like this one too seen from the images

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