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Nothing has stood in our way far enough to halt the mod to a complete stop, we have new images!

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Even though school, work and vacations have interrupted Summer 101's progress considerably, there is still progress. ZeroPresence, who mapped for The Nameless Mod has kindly offered to help with mapping the school interior AND exterior.

He has given me his first draft of his remake of the School Interior Vodun was unable to finish, and it does look sweet. Texture artwork and modeling is going well. Coding has been an issue with the engine messing up a lot and having to redo things. However allthe issues are being solved as I type. Also there are new ideas being put into the mod as well as changes.

The mod, since it is my first mod will be a GTA Style money making adventure with different Main and side quests to progress. I hope you enjoy the latest screenshots and acknowledge we are NEVER going to give up. There will be more on ZP's awesome mapping to show as well as the new weapons later on.

Take Care


That screenshot reminds me of the tinfx textures from quake3

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