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Quite a time has passed without any update... I thought I should give a life sign.

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This is a short one only. There have not been any update in the last months actually there have not been much progress in quite a while. I have not given up on this project although I do think I may have overestimated myself with it. I will try to concentrate on the humanskins for a while. It looks like vehicles will be off from the table for now.

I have uploaded an addon which contains the humanskins that have been made so far. Feel free to check them out. They are only the humanskins no icons or items. But copying them to the humanskin forlder to either the demo or the Men of War folder will let you to check them in the editor.

To do so either open the humanskins panel. Or spawn a random soldier and change his look to one of the skins.

Link to the skins

Humanskins so far-20180813

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