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Just a quick update after a bit of absence, the project is still alive and kicking!

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Hello, Sorry for the sudden stop in updates, my graphics card died 3 weeks ago and I am still waiting for my replacement, so I can't do any video captures (using my work laptop to write this). On top of that I spent one week in the US, Columbia(SC) to be more precise for business purposes and got sick as well...But anyway, things are moving forward in the programming department and new features and polish are added every day. Some of the recent stuff is the player can now dig in the ground certain places (determined by player stats), wall climbing is improved and the player's climb stats are important (you can't hold on to a cliff that is too high level and if you run out of stamina you loose your grip), the swimming got similar features (how long you can hold your breath) etc. A lot of stuff regarding the player stats has been added.

Before my graphics card went out I managed to spiff up the graphics a bit in some parts, the old stone arches looked like crap but I managed to put these together quickly:

You can also see the placeholder GUI, the left part is health and mana, the smaller bars are stamina, hunger and thirst. On the top left you see the player messages that the game uses to communicate everything to the player. At the bottom right you see the injuries the player has, in this case the player has a level one poisoning. And in the middle on top the old compass is still in place. Bear in mind that this is very much placeholder stuff, just so that I can see what is going on.

Here is another screenshot where the player is hanging on to a wall and tries to climb down to explore the environment:

The wall is also very much placeholder, will sculpt something nicer once I get my computer running, but it works as intended.

Talking of climbing, skills so far in the game are:

On top of that some of the attributes such as strength, perception and agility makes big impact on gameplay (strength enables you to push heavy objects and reveal hidden paths, agility enable you to jump higher and run away from enemies, perception tells you when a trap or a hidden entry is nearby).

That is all for now, please comment on skills, abilites etc, is there something that you are missing? Any comments on how to balance such a system? All discussion is welcome :)

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