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(v3 "Stephanus" will probably be released or released in a few minutes when this article becomes public)

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TGW: Trialism focus v3: "Stephanus" is released today!

Main features (from download notes):

New stuff:

-Adds Galicia-Lodomeria, the proper kings and cores.

-Adds Bohemia as a separate country instead of a reskinned Czechoslovakia.

-Also replaced the Maximilian Eugen and the kiddie kings.

-Added vanilla HOI4 Polish and Czsk. advisors for Galicia and Bohemia as placeholder. Random leader names are generated from Czsk. for Bohemia, and Polish + Russian for Galicia.

-Added territory fixes (Wendland, Burgenland a Syrmia). Versailles treaty event made compatible.

-Added recolored photos and paintings for all the new rulers.

-Added a proper event chain for the release of Hungary and Croatia.

-Experimental: added some new music files, with playing factor only for Austria-Hungary right now:
-the Austro-Hungarian anthem instrumental (Haydn)
-a Hungarian folk song from Transylvania (performed by Arany Zoltán)
-Austrian march "Isonzo marsch"
-Hungarian march "Hunyadi" (Erkel)

(I'm also looking for song suggestions.)

What's next:

I'll take a 2-3-week break after this release, (though I might release an art update to fix the national spirit pictures) because of the upcoming finals. The current mod covers most of the trialist idea, so when the next edition comes, I'll turn this mod into a general Austria-Hungary overhaul.

Some possible features in it:

-Hungarian-Slovak compromise (unsure about exact details yet)
-Austrian claims for some formerly Habsburg territories (Silesia and/or Venice and Lombardia and/or Lublin, maybe some puppet focuses against former Habsburg countries).
-Some new focuses regarding the successful division via trialism (neo-feudalism, monarchic renaissance, reactionary manifesto, church restoration, etc.)
-Revorking peace deals (I might make this as a separate mod, with Bavarian and Hungarian SR, Freikorps, etc.).

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