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Valor Stellar Forces have arrived - Stellar Sovereigns V0.96 update is live bringing Colonial Governor feature, torpedo retrofits with their new tech tree and starting resources multiplier option.

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EA 0.96 Update

Stellar Sovereigns V0.96 update is live, bringing the new Valor Stellar Force fleet-set, the long awaited Colonial Governor feature, torpedo retrofits with their new tech tree and starting resources multiplier option.

Valor Stellar Forces Arrived

It is with great pleasure of mine to introduce the third fleet set from the Valor Stellar Forces. These new vessels are a work of art from MSGDI collection and fits just right in with Stellar Sovereigns assets.

Valor Capital Vessels

These massive capital ships are armed to teeth, favouring broadside placements while their escorts are slick and agile.

Valor Escort Vessels

Dreadnought Dishing-Out Punishment

They come with a new look for every station and defensive platform in 5 different colour scheme.

Valor Protectorate

This update rounds out the game's visual palette with 3 playable and 3 menace fleet sets, which has been a challenge due to Stellar Sovereigns unique approach of a wide array of ships per fleet sets.

Valor Industries

With these assets in the game I am beginning to work toward wrapping up Early Access and focusing toward my goal of a final release.

But if you think these were the last new ships added to the game, then think again. A feature is planned, that will allow the player to purchase unique ships, that comes from all kinds of sets and can only be purchased from this new market for a hefty price.

Colonial Governor

In order to alleviate some of the micromanagement of colonial development I added options to automate development of a colony in a way that the player can still feel that it is in charge.

In short the player gets to decide what percentage of the colony's tax income the governor has access to fulfil the needs of its citizens:

  • the necessary agricultural output to feed them
  • the required housing capacity to house them
  • the infrastructure to be able to keep up with development
  • and invest into employment to reduce unemployment

If the allocated funds are not enough the player is notified and can increase the governors budget or manually increase the amount of development of the relevant sector.

The player can disable the governor feature on any colony by setting the slider 0%.

There are 4 type of governors: Balanced, Industrious, Agrarian and Researcher; each performs the same when it comes to providing the basics for the citizens and only differ in their approach regarding employment.

Industrious, Agrarian and Researcher will develop their sectors when it comes to providing employment, hence if you want a colony to exploit mining then you can set the governor to be Industrious and to agrarian if you want it to produce excess food.

The balanced governor on the other hand will take the colony's type of resources and planetary attributes to determine the degree of development in each sector of the colony.

Since the governor has only access to the tax income of its colony which at the beginning may be negligible aid from the empire can be allocated by setting the slider over 100%. Above 100% there is 1-5X 200.000 credit in the form of aid is set aside for the governor to develop its colony.

An additional change regarding colony development that from now on it can be paid for it even when there is not enough money from the empires budget. This option can take the empire into debt so use it wisely.


Torpedoes have been in the game for a while now but the player could not retrofit them up until now.

Torpedo Tech Tree

The introduction of the new torpedo tech tree is now making it possible for the player to change the type of torpedo a launcher is using as well as can unlock upgrades that greatly increasing their effectives.

Starting Resources

When setting up a game a new option is now available to increase the amount Credit and Resources the player start with up to 3X the normal.

Lidar Feature

At the star chart level, to have a convenient access to the detected fleets; I created a panel that displays the emblem and number of those fleets that are within the detection range of your sensors.

The player can select these fleets one at a time clicking on the pick arrows, zooming the view onto the location of the fleet.

It is handy to determine the number of fleets approaching when they are on top of one another.

Thank you all!
I hope you enjoy this new update!

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