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Command a space battleship in intense tactical combats make tricky maneuvers, elaborate efficient strategies with team mates!

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In Stellar Impact, you command a space battleship in intense tactical combats with team mates. You will have to make tricky maneuvers, elaborate efficient strategies and most of all play collective if you want to be victorious! It’s also possible to upgrade your spaceship, its crew and the weaponry systems to get stronger and crush your enemies in various game modes. Stellar Impact is the first game of Tindalos Interactive, an independent video games studio specialized in online gaming development based in Paris.


Enjoy Stellar Impact and many other great games on Desura.

ind1 - - 177 comments

very cool

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legendskenny83 - - 5 comments

Do you guys have any form of AI or Bots to play against?

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56er - - 1,253 comments

Some tips:
Add a function for a hyperdrive jump back to base, and make the portals 2 ways to keep them important.
Try to give an option to buy different ship classes for the escort waves, so players can mix things up to support their different needs, not only titans.
Remove planets, and replace them with colonized asteriods. Fits better than this unrealistic "ring" thing around the planet.
Give people the option to fortify strategic points, not just unreplaceble turrets.
Place strategic points on the lanes rather than next to it, so people have a pressure to defend there lanes if they dont want to lose there advantage.
Improve the qualitiy of the gui and I often had lags ingame, making my ship flot and spin around crazy.
Add an ingame item system for weapons, armor, shields, generators, boosters, etc.
Get rit of ammo system that just complicates things and is no fun for players rather than pro's.
Same goes for officers.
Make accelarating a flow thing from -10 to 100 %, not just 0,50 and 100%.
make straffing possible.
Make about 2-3 different ship typs for every of the 5 class. Dreadnaughts are not for commando operations also, so rework that.
Rework the different abilities, and the way they are spent. Would be better to have just one or even none of them to be a free choose. Rather tread the ships like classis rpg chars (not in terms of gameplay)

These are just a few points that would help to make this game not less original, but more fun and better to play.

edit: this game is not ready to be sold out imo, I would rather say that you can unlock the beta version of it with pre-purchasing it from desura. Not to say that this what we have here is bad, it's just not really finished nether the quality such a good game deserves.

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Hendar23 - - 250 comments

Looks like another 2D space game :(

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56er - - 1,253 comments

well it acctually is some good fun, even if it is 2D.

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enjdusan - - 12 comments

Its same as Navy Field, but in future :D

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