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Steam Marines v0.6.5a brings Squad creation options, flanking and rear shots, new music, and more!

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Hello everyone!

This is a big update. Lots of code changes. Hopefully nothing game breaking. You can now edit your squad members' names, genders, and classes on new game. This build does not have the recruitment system turned on yet - still working on that!

Almost all game data now persists in save file so you can pick up exactly where you left off between sessions. Sound effects and music were updated (I hope to get feedback from the new ambient loop in particular) and a bunch of small balance/bug fixes were worked on to boot.

Here's the longer version:

Staem Marines Squad Creation Screen

New Features

  • (*Most; see notes below) level data now persist in saved games.
  • The player may now choose the name, gender, and class of each squad member on new game.
  • Reduced experience required to level in Easy and Normal difficulties.
  • Removed possibility of speed penalties on starting armor.
  • Portrait updating in line with any class in any squad slot.
  • Added popup text for missed shots from squad members.
  • Auto saves on quit/window close/load and a game is in progress.
  • Removed scrolling event text back panel. Text now just hovers.
  • Guard Mode reverted to cardinal lines of fire only.
  • Updated some sound effects.
  • Added sound effects for using consoles and dispensers.
  • Dispensers spawn powered on by default now. Using them for ammo
    shuts them off.
  • Flamejacks in higher deck levels can be sneaky on Normal difficulty.
  • When squad members get hit their weapons have a chance to have a stat be
    permanently reduced.
  • Increased base loot chest spawn chance and increases spawn chance based on
    deck level.
  • Changed various button hover times from 1000ms to 0ms.
  • Squad member attacks made from behind their targets will automatically crit,
    dealing double damage. Follow Mode auto-shots cannot crit this way.
  • Squad member attacks from the sides will flank the target, making them turn
    automatically to face the squad member. Follow Mode auto-shots can
    flank this way.
  • Added Guard Mode animation to indicate squad member status.
  • Monsters can decide to loot nearby chests.
  • Removed 640x480 and 800x600 from video options until the GUI is updated to
    accommodate lower resolutions.
  • Replaced level music with new ambient loop.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed reload bug with some Grenadier weapons.
  • Fixed AP to Fire cost bug with high ammo weapons.
  • Fixed scrolling event log sizing problems with different screen
  • Fixed Guard Mode sometimes deducting ammo from the wrong squad member.
  • Fixed Scout shots not penetrating primary and secondary targets in unusual
  • Consoles now render below enemies instead of on top of them.
  • Consoles properly retain unique messages/logs instead of sometimes randomly
    generating new ones.
  • Fixed dispenser lights being rendered above fog of war.
  • Reloading without firing after now persists the proper amount of total
    ammunition per squad member.


  • The load state preview on the main menu displays incorrect data due to the
    squad slot class change.
  • Damage numbers can still pop up on the Grenadier's primary target even if
    no damage is actually done (shot missed). This is just a display
  • *Most level data now persists, but unit status effects (like fire) do not.
  • Weapons can be permanently damaged by attacks but armor currently cannot due to
    not having a stat rebalance yet like weapons have had.
  • On the squad creation screen when choosing to start a new game you can cycle
    gender and class with the two buttons below each squad member. Their
    names are also directly editable in their respective text fields; no
    white space allowed.
  • Sleep chance for spawning monsters turned off until further work on the mechanic
    is done.
  • Flanked shots in Follow Mode can cause the target to face away instead of
    toward the source of fire!

Just found this game and it looks awesome!
Downloading now and I will play it as soon I'm done with my days work. :)

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Worthless_Bums Author

Thanks! Hope you enjoy it :) It's also on Steam Greenlight:


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After some time with the game I can say this game really is awesome! I will definitely play it some more over the next few days.

Only real complain are the controls: The whole game builds on key short cuts, which is fine as secondary control. But a good UI would really help in the beginning at least.

Your key only approach could scare off alot of potential players :)

Everything else is great! Also love the art style: Simple but creates a great atmosphere. Concrats at you artist :)

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Worthless_Bums Author

People have been mentioning the movement controls to me recently as a source of accidental problems. I'll be looking into a more visual solution in a future build.

I'm sure my artist will be happy to know you enjoyed his work :)

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