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Steam Marines v0.6.4a is out with mission objectives, difficulty settings, and more!

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Hello, everyone!

Version 0.6.4a of Steam Marines brings primary and secondary mission objectives as well as difficulty settings into the world of steampunk roguelikes. Some game balancing and patching has taken place to smooth gameplay, and more art assets have been added.

Mission Objectives Steam Marines Difficulty Menu

Additionally combat music loops from the same composer who did the Steam Marines Greenlight trailer theme are coming to a build near you. Not this one, though; sorry!

The full change log is below:

New Features
Implemented basic Primary and Secondary mission objectives.
Added difficulty options on new game: Easy and Normal.
Reduced Brute and Flamejack stats.
Simplified Flamejack AI on Easy difficulty.
Flamejacks no longer spawn in beginning levels of the Command Deck.
Rebalanced enemy melee hit chances.
The squad's action points are refunded after descending via the elevator.
PDAs can be picked up and used to provide information on enemies or the elevator location.
Added Engineering Deck floor tiles.
Added new Engineering Deck grating tiles.
Severely reduced chance for monsters to burst from grating tiles.
Added event log message when monsters burst from grating tiles.
Updated tutorial overlay with new information.
Reduced chance of item spawns, PDAs in particular.
Lowered switch spawn chance.
Enforced no name duplication for squad members on new game.
Reduced grenade use from 2 AP to 1 AP.
Added blood/corpse smear when squad members die.
Increased item grenade damage to primary target to 50 and aoe to 30.
Implemented proper fade in/out for audio channels.

Bug Fixes
Fixed PDAs not having proper names!
Fog of war now updates properly when smashing crates and dispensers.
Fixed broken music looping on Mac OS X in the Engineering Deck.
Fixed water tiles improperly being used.


Awesome! this game is already pretty cool

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Looking good!

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