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Steam Marines 2 gets official Linux support for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and up!

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Official Linux Support

Steam Marines 2 now has official support for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and up! Thanks to private testers and others we've hammered out a few deal breakers and swept up some more user interface issues. SM2 v0.7.2a and up will now support Win/Mac/Lin going forward.

Quality of Life Improvements

The squad loadout screen now has a full portrait picker instead of having the player cycle through the entire list.

The Commander creation screen now has a "randomize names" button to randomly generate a given name, callsign, and surname into the appropriate fields.

The tactical field scene by default has scaled UI for both readability and input issues, but now there is a "UI Constant Size" option in the Gameplay Settings. This only affects the tactical field and not the main menu, ship interior, or galaxy map scenes.

The skill icons have been slimmed and compacted, as well as the squad ammo bar. A (bare bones) event log has been placed on the bottom left corner. It largely keeps a record of what the various units (including marines) say via dialogue status, but eventually will include more detailed skill usage and combat data, and ability to resize the window and increase/decrease font size.

The selected marine now has their class labeled in the upper left unit panel, along with a line marking your Commander marine when they are selected (this information is duplicated with the yellow star under the resource lines.) The resource lines now include the selected marine's armor.

Marine and enemy tooltips now include baseline damage and accuracy numbers, and the Attacks line has been shifted down to group combat stats together on the tip panel.

Targeting panels are being reworked to better indicate and bracket the enemy a marine is aiming at.

Currently looking into shader effects to outline the enemy and/or outline the head/body the marine is targeting.

v0.7.2a Changelog

  • Linux/Ubuntu 14.04 LTS support.
  • The environment/move keybinds have been renamed to select/interact to clarify what those actually do. Additionally opening doors has been moved into the interact keybinding both for correctness and to prevent players from accidentally deselecting their marine(s).
  • New event log in tactical field.
  • Randomize names button in Commander creation screen.
  • New targeting panel UI shader.
  • Targeting panel UI bottom now clamps lower to prevent blocking target sight.
  • Added armor rating to selected unit panel resource lines.
  • Added the gameplay option UI Constant Size toggle.
  • Added queuing system to unit dialogue boxes so getting spammed with dialogue will not almost instantly hide previous recent dialogue.
  • Lowered the average damage per attack of enemy units across the board. Some units have had accuracy or crit values increased to compensate.
  • Bugfix: Enemy units would not reset to idle animations after certain attack situations.
  • Bugfix: Single click would sometimes open a door and move the marine onto the new floor space.
  • Bugfix: Sometimes marine temporary attack effects would not wear off after attacking.
  • Bugfix: Brainien firing through multiple walls, typically targeting the marine Commander.
  • Bugfix: Some enemy melee attacks sometimes playing flamethrower sound effects.

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