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Full working steam integration and some sneak peaks at other content.

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Good news everyone! Steam is now fully working in Galaxy Heist. This means that if you open steam before launching Galaxy Heist, Steam will actually recognize that you’re playing Galaxy Heist. Not only that but all of your friends will see you’re playing it as well. As if it couldn’t get any cooler you also have an in-game friends list that you can use to invite friends who also have a copy of the game. Check it out:

Here is the engineer before textures have been applied. This character is playable:

The base model of the small drone ship. It can be flown by AI and used to help you out or flown by yourself so you can scout for your own ship. This ship is flyable:

Here is a shot of the blasty gun (still working on a name). This gun blows out the windows and sucks anyone nearby out into space:

And some shots of the two large ships just for good measure:


Interesting ideas, definitely following this game.

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single player?

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SpaceBearDevelopment Author

against bots if you want but designed for online fps pvp.

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