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Our Intergalactic Race Warriors steam greenlight is live! Help us out \o/

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You have been invited to join this intergalactic racing tournament. A battle royale with a finish line. There is only one rule: reach the finish line.

If you win this tournament, you'll be set for life. Maybe that's why it attracts so many racers from all over the galaxy. You'll start with your shatty car and unlock better parts, guns, car paints, decorations by winning races and eviscerating opponents on the battlefield race track.

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Here is a list of some of the planned features.

  • intense side scrolling racing
  • firearm battles while driving
  • branching path level design (like the old sonic games)
  • single player story mode
  • advanced car customisation
  • online multiplayer
  • loads of characters & cars
  • a lot of different planets to race on

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We've been working on Intergalactic Race Warriors for a little over one month now and mainly have been exploring the opportunities of what a side scrolling combat racing game can offer. Everything from the trailer is functional but there's still work to be done to iron everything out, balance the car parts and playtest a ton.

We're mostly wondering if you guys are as psyched as we are about the fun we can bring to Steam with Intergalactic Race Warriors.

We're most active on our Twitter and you can find weekly dev logs on our YouTube channel.

Thanks for taking the time to read, help us out by voting for us at our steam greenlight page!

See you at the finish line.

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