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A link to our Steam Greenlight campaign, a look at our first gameplay trailer and some other news about the project.

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The Observatorium Team have some important news regarding the future of our project:

Steam Greenlight

We're pleased to announce that Observatorium is now on Steam Greenlight:

After over a year of developing the game in our 'spare' time - including much prototyping, construction, playtesting and refinement - we felt we were finally ready to start moving the game towards release. We still have a fair bit of work to do on the remaining levels but are confident in our design approach so from here out we're simply adding content - and playtesting - until the game is complete. Check out the Steam Greenlight page for a host of new information and vote for us if you'd like to see our game on Steam:

Our intention is to release on Steam first of all before rolling out to other stores/platforms; we're incredibly excited at the possibilities Steam may open up to us as we push the game towards completion.

Announce/Teaser Trailer

As part of our Greenlight push, we're pleased to present to you the first gameplay trailer for Observatorium:

Although the story aspect is quite light in this trailer, we hope you get an overview of the gameplay and tone we're aiming for. We plan to produce a second trailer closer to release which reveals more of our story elements once we have locked down our levels, puzzles, voiceovers etc.

Website and Mailing List

The Observatorium website has recently been updated with our gameplay trailer in addition to our official mailing list so sign up to stay up-to-date with project announcements in your inbox:

We will of course be doing regular announcements here on IDB too.

Release Schedule

Tentatively, we're aiming to release the game during Q2 2016: this seems reasonable based on our current progress and remaining workload. We'll keep the community updated regarding potential delays.


Thanks for reading and please vote if you'd like to see our game on Steam!

Clive Lawrence, Jonathan McEnroe and Peter Satera

Observatorium Team


Voted guys! =)

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TheManWhoFlewAway Author

Thank you zurumen - we appreciate your support :)


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